Monday, December 11, 2017

SkyView - An Augmented Reality App to Help Students Find Constellations

SkyView is a free augmented reality app (an Android version and an iOS version is available) that helps students identify stars and constellations. With the free app installed students can point their phones at the sky and see constellations identified on their screens. In addition to constellations the app will identify planets, satellites, and some individual stars.

There are other apps that do similar things to the SkyView app. One thing that makes SkyView different from some similar apps is that it has a "time travel" function. The time travel function will show users what the sky above them looked like on past nights and what constellations and other objects will appear in future nights.

Applications for Education
You could spark your students' interest in using the app by first teaching a lesson about constellations and the myths associated with some of them. Then have students use the app with their parents to try to identify some of the constellations that they have learned about in your classroom.