Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Three Ways to Collaboratively Create Video Playlists

From cats doing tricks to documentaries about cats in Egyptian art, we watch more videos today than we ever have before. The challenge is weeding through all of the ridiculous cat videos to find the good stuff that you can share with your students. And once you find the good videos, you'll want to organize them into playlists. That process can be easier if you collaborate with colleagues or enlist the help of your students. Here are three ways to collaboratively create video playlists.

Collaboratively Create YouTube Playlists
There is a built-in collaboration option in YouTube. Watch my video below to see how to use it.

Create a Playlist on Padlet
Break away from reliance on YouTube and create a playlist on a Padlet wall. Your playlist created on a Padlet wall can include videos from just about any public video hosting site. Learn more in my video below.

Google Slides
Start a slideshow in Google Slides and invite others to collaborate on it with you. Add a video to each slide. Videos can be added from YouTube or from Google Drive. By inserting from Google Drive you can include videos that you own that haven't been displayed elsewhere. Watch my video below to learn how to insert videos from Google Drive into your Google Slides.

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