Sunday, December 3, 2017

Two Good Tools That Help Students Learn to Program Games

Code Maven and Game Maven are interactive programming tutorials from Crunchzilla. Code Maven and Game Maven use the same style as the popular Code Monster javascript programming tutorial. That style is to present a piece of code with instructions on one side of the screen while providing a visual of the outcome on the other side of the screen.

Code Maven offers 59 lessons for students to work through at their own pace to learn programming fundamentals. After completing the Code Maven tutorials students are ready to move on to Game Maven where they can work through 37 lessons in which they will create three simple online games.

Applications for Education
Code Maven and Game Maven are appropriate for middle school and high school students who would like to learn a bit of programming on their own. The tutorials provide students with instant feedback which could be helpful in holding students' attention to the tutorials. Students don't have to register to use the service and they can stop a lesson and come right back to it whenever they want to.

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