Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lantern - Search Thousands of Media History Documents

The Media History Digital Library is a massive archive of books and magazines about the history film, television, and radio. The Lantern is the name of the search engine that lets you search through more than 2,000,000 pages of scanned copies of the books and magazines in the MHDL. In those books and magazines you will find reviews and critiques of movies, radio programs, and television shows. You will also discover many periodicals about the movie, television, and radio industries in general. Your search can be refined according to date, language, and publication type. You can also browse through collections curated by MHDL.

Applications for Education
Two thoughts came to mind as I browsed through MHDL's Lantern. First, it's obviously an excellent resource for students studying the history and development of media. Second, through MHDL's Lantern you could find some good examples of how to write a critique. Your students could use those as models for writing their own critiques of movies or even of books.

Radio Garden - An Interactive Map of Radio Stations Around the World

Radio Garden is an interactive map that showcases radio stations around the world. Go to Radio Garden and the site will try to locate the radio station nearest to your current location. Then you can click around the map to find and listen to the live streams of other radio stations around the world. Through the interactive Radio Garden map you will find a mix of commercial FM radio stations playing music, AM radio stations hosting news talk shows, and some public broadcasting stations like one near me that simply relays police and fire service calls.

Applications for Education
Radio Garden could be a good resource for world language teachers who are looking for ways to give their students some different ways to hear the languages they're studying. For example, in the screenshot above I located some radio stations in Montreal. The live feeds from those stations provide students with the chance to practice listening to conversations in French.

Feedly Limits New Users to 100 Feeds In Free Plan

Feedly has been my favorite RSS reader since Google shuttered for good Google Reader back in 2013. Feedly makes it easy to subscribe to your favorite blogs and websites and read them all in organized collections on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Yesterday morning I noticed that Feedly is now charging to subscribe to more than 100 feeds. I Tweeted to Feedly about this and they clarified that the limitation will only apply to new users and not to existing users.

Watch the video embedded below to learn how I use Feedly and Google Keep together on a daily basis.

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