Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Quick Key's New Google Forms Add-on Makes It Easy to Send Grades to PowerSchool

Earlier this year Quick Key added a Google Classroom integration. Recently, Quick Key took that integration deeper by introducing a Google Forms Add-on. Quick Key's Google Forms Add-on lets you take the quizzes that you create in Google Forms and have them automatically scored for you. You can then use those scores in Quick Key or send them directly to your PowerSchool gradebook.

Watch the following video created by Quick Key to learn how to use their new Google Forms Add-on.

Forms Grader by Quick Key Tutorial Video from Quick Key on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
Over the years Quick Key has evolved from being just an iPhone app for scanning multiple choice bubble sheets to a full-fledged assessment platform. Quick Key is a great option for classrooms that aren't 1:1 because you can use printed assessment sheets that you scan with your iPhone or Android or you give your assessment online or you can do a mix of both. Whichever format you choose to use, you will still get the same formative assessment results quickly. Click here to register for a free Quick Key account.

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