Monday, May 1, 2017

Check123 - A Video Encyclopedia

Check123 is a website that aims to help teachers and students find educational videos. The "123" aspect of the name Check123 refers to the length of the videos on the site. All of the videos are either one, two, or three minutes long. You can refine your search results according to length of video, subject, and topic. Check123 lets you search by keyword or you can browse the subject categories.

Check123 claims to have "experts" review and rank the videos that appear in each category. It's not clear who those experts are or how they determine the scores they give to the videos.

Applications for Education
Check123 is the latest in a long line of companies that have tried to create video "encyclopedias." They all can be helpful in finding a video to use as part of a short lesson.

The problem that all sites like Check123 encounter is that they need a lot of page views in order to be viable. That can lead to including some videos that aren't always the best ones available.

If you do find a useful video on Check123, try one of these free tools for creating a flipped lesson based on that video.

How to Use Read Write Think's Cube Creator to Plan a Story

Read Write Think's Cube Creator provides students with good templates for writing biographies, mysteries, and short stories. When students complete the required information in one of the templates, they can create a 3D cube that they can flip as while they write their complete stories. In other words, the cube become a 3D writing guide for them. Watch my video embedded below to see how it works.

Like Dogs? Have Kids That Like Dogs? - Watch This Video

If you have followed this blog for long, you've probably picked up on my love for dogs. You might have also noticed that I'm passionate about shelter dogs. That's why I'm excited to this story from Lifehacker. How to Introduce Yourself to a Dog is a fantastic article outlining the best procedure for meeting a new dog. The article is based on the video embedded below.

Dogs in shelters tend to be nervous, jumpy, excitable, and sometimes aggressive in meeting new people. The same is true for all other dogs. Whether you're going to a shelter to find a new best friend or you just can't resist a cute dog out on a walk, How to Introduce Yourself to a Dog is a must read.

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