Monday, May 15, 2017

Clipular - Create Screenshots on Chromebooks

Clipular is a free Chrome extension that can be used to capture a screen image. Clipular lets you capture all of your screen or a portion of your screen. It also gives the option to scroll while capturing to make an image of an entire webpage even if it doesn't fit into your current screen view. For example, if you're looking at this page on a small Chromebook right now, you might not see all of the page until you scroll down.

Clipular does require that you create a free account. All of your screen capture images are stored in that account. Within your library of screen capture images you can create groupings of images, edit your images, and share your images. You can connect Clipular to your Google Drive account and have your images saved directly to Google Drive.

Applications for Education
From showing a student or colleague the steps for using a web app or capturing an image of how a webpage looks at a moment in time, screenshots can be valuable in many school settings.

Here are three other tools that you can use to capture screen images on your Chromebook.

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21 Real World Math Lessons for High School Students

Getting to teach economics lessons is one of my favorite things about being a social studies teacher. In economics lessons high school students start to see how many of the math concepts, logic concepts, and political theory they've learned can apply to them in the "real world" after high school. Econ Ed Link is a great resource for lesson plans, videos, and interactive activities for teaching economics concepts. They recently published an updated list of their Math In the Real World lesson plan library.

Math In the Real World lesson plans include activities to teach students how to analyze business profit and loss, how the stock market works, and how distribution of income can influence government policies. The Math In the Real World lesson plans also include activities that have a more personal appeal to students. Those lesson plans include building credit, building a savings, and the dangers of payday loan schemes. The payday loan lesson plan is one that has previously been featured here on Free Technology for Teachers.

Applications for Education
To develop a good understanding of economics concepts students need to also develop a good understanding of mathematics and logic concepts. These free lesson plans from Econ Ed Link can help you help your students develop a better understanding of how math concepts do apply to the real world.

Make Lists Fun With Emojis In Google Keep

Last week's most popular post was 7 Ways to Use Google Keep In Your Classroom. This morning I was using Google Keep on my phone to make a shared shopping list and I stumbled into the option to use emojis in my list. You can use the same emojis/ emoticons that you use in text messages in Google Keep. You can even use emojis in notes that have pictures included in them.

Applications for Education
Using emojis in your shared lists in Google Keep could be a nice way to add some character and fun to your task lists and reminders. Whether you're sharing lists and reminders with students or with colleagues, everyone likes a little fun element mixed into an otherwise boring list.

My playlist of Google Keep tutorials is embedded below.

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