Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How to Disable Google Drive Email Notifications

Just a few minutes ago I received an email from someone who was considering using Google Drive folders as a temporary replacement for DropItToMe. She was concerned about getting too many email notifications when people share files in the folder. My quick solution was to disable email notifications in Google Drive. In the video below I demonstrate how to do that.

5 Google Calendar Tips for New Users

My life runs on Google Calendar. From keeping track of the classes I'm teaching to remembering when the babysitter is available, Google Calendar keeps me on track. If your school is transitioning to G Suite for Education, you need to get to know Google Calendar. Once you understand it, you'll find that it runs your life too. In the video embedded below I provide five tips for new Google Calendar users.

If you want to learn more about Google Calendar and all aspects of G Suite for Education, check out Getting Going With G Suite. In the course you'll learn everything you need to know to feel comfortable using G Suite in your classroom next fall. You can even earn graduate credit for completing the course. 

Lessons from 12,000 Blog Posts - Video

For the last six weeks on my YouTube channel I've been sharing short lessons that I've learned from publishing more than 12,000 blog posts over the last ten years. This morning I created one more video to summarize all of those lessons. That video, which was recorded live on YouTube, is embedded below.

Information about the edupreneurship course that I mentioned at the end of the video is available here. The course starts on June 4th.

DropItToMe Is Shutting Down

Thanks to a Tweet from Tony Vincent, this morning I learned that DropItToMe is shutting down on July 15th. DropItToMe provided a seamless way to collect files from anyone without the need for email attachments. I will be testing alternatives to DropItToMe in the coming days and I'll be sure to share a recommended alternative tool soon.

Join Me For Practical Ed Tech Live This Thursday

Last Thursday was the most attended edition of Practical Ed Tech Live that I've hosted this spring. I'll be hosting another episode this Thursday at 3:30pm EDT. You can join me on my YouTube channel or on the Practical Ed Tech Facebook page. I'll answer your questions live as they appear. I'll also answer questions that are sent to me in advance via email or Facebook.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on alerts to be notified when the broadcast starts.

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