Friday, May 19, 2017

Two Ways to Add Audio to Google Slides

In yesterday's Practical Ed Tech Live session I answered a question that I seem to be getting asked a lot lately. That question is, "do you know how to add audio to Google Slides." You can add audio to Google Slides if you use YouTube or Google Drive to host videos that contain audio tracks. In the videos below I explain and demonstrate how you can add audio to your Google Slides presentations.

And if you just want to make an audio slideshow that plays on its own, you can use the YouTube Audio Slideshow creator. My video below shows you how to use it.

Practical Ed Tech Live - Episode 6 Recording

Yesterday afternoon I hosted the sixth episode of Practical Ed Tech Live on YouTube and Facebook. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and to everyone who attended the live session. If you missed it, the recording of the broadcast is embedded below. The text of most of the questions that I answered are copied below the video.

1. A colleague asked about curriculum mapping software,suggesting “Atlas” but that is pricey. Do you know of, or could you recommend anything free or inexpensive…even an app would be good.

2. I read about DropItToMe closing down. Do you have any alternatives that you can recommend?

3. I guess I don’t understand the big deal about Google Classroom. Can you explain why I would want to use that instead of just posting things on my Google Site like I have for years?

4. This summer I am changing school districts. I have a ton of stuff in my current Google Apps account that I want to be able to move to my new district. Other than just sharing with myself, can you think of a better way to move things?

5. Can you do a post comparing digital portfolio tools? I’m trying to find the best one. I’d like to pick something that I can use for a few years.

6. Do you know if there is a way to add audio to Google Slides?

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