Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Classtools Offers a Handy Source Analysis Tool for Students

Classtools.net offers dozens of neat tools for students and teachers. Over the years I have featured many of those tools in blog posts and videos. One Classtools tool that I haven't previously featured is the Source Analyser.

The Classtools Source Analyser provides students with a simple template that can help them analyze the resources that they want to use in research papers and presentations. The template asks students to answer five basic questions about the reliability and utility of a source. Three hint buttons in the template can give students further guidance in analyzing a source.

The Classtools Source Analyser can be used on Classtools.net where students can download and print their completed templates. Teachers can embed the Classtools Source Analyser into their blogs or websites as I have done below.

Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp Registration Discounts

Every summer for the last five summers teachers from all over the world have come to Maine for the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camps. The registration fee for this year's workshops is the same as the previous two summers. But that price is only available for one more day.

The Practical Ed Tech Chromebook Camp

Held on July 20-21 is for people who work in schools that have 1:1 Chromebook programs or are interested in learning more about Chromebooks in education. This two day event is very similar to the BYOD event but is tailored to address the unique aspects of teaching with Chromebooks. As you might expect, there will be quite a bit of attention given to using Google Apps in the classroom. Click here to register.

The Practical Ed Tech BYOD Camp

Held on July 27th and 28th is for people who work in schools that have BYOD programs and 1:1 laptop programs (Mac or Windows), iPads, Android tablets, Windows tablets, or who have shared computers in a classroom or lab setting. Click here to register.

Registration form for Practical Ed Tech Chromebook Camp

Refund policy
  • 100% refunds (less transaction fees) will be given until May 1st.
  • 50% refunds (less transactions fees) will be given until June 10th. 
  • No refunds will be given for cancellations received after June 10th.
  • You can transfer your registration to another person at any time up until July 8th. 

Teaching With Trading Cards

Big Huge Labs and Read Write Think offers trading card templates that can be used by students is to create a set of trading cards about characters in a novel, to create a set of cards about people of historical significance, or to create cards about places that they're studying in their geography lessons. In the following videos I provide demonstrations of how students can use these tools.

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