Thursday, June 15, 2017

How to Move from Google Drive to OneDrive

Earlier this week I shared information about moving your data from G Suite account to another. But what if you're leaving a school district that uses G Suite to join one that is uses Microsoft's cloud products? In that case you will want to move your Google Drive files into OneDrive. In the following video I demonstrate how you can move your Google Drive files to OneDrive.

Backup and Sync Will Automatically Save Your Desktop Files

Backup and Sync is a new service coming soon from Google. On June 28th you will be able to install Backup and Sync on your Mac or Windows computer. The service will let you have your desktop files or other folder files automatically backed up to your Google Drive account. You've always been able to quickly move files from your desktop to Google Drive through Drive desktop clients, but Backup and Sync will let you streamline that process.

It's important to note that Backup and Sync will be available to Gmail users and is not recommended for G Suite for Education users. A new Drive File Stream system is coming soon for G Suite for Education and G Suite for Business users.

Applications for Education
I envision Backup and Sync being useful for teachers and students who have files on their home/ personal laptops that they want to be sure to be able to access through Google Drive when they are using a school-issued computer.

How to Create Stop Motion Videos on a Chromebook

Last night I published an article about the Stop Motion Animator Chrome app. To clarify some of the nuances of using that app, in particular the handling of .webm files, I created the following short video demonstration.

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