Monday, July 17, 2017

In Case You Missed It - The Periodic Table in Pictures and Words

One of the most popular posts of the month so far featured The Periodic Table of Elements, in Pictures and Words. In case you missed it, here's a video I made to provide an overview of the site.

Applications for Education
As I mentioned last week, The Periodic Table of Elements, in Pictures and Words could be a great resource for middle school science classrooms. It also provides a nice model for an assignment in which you have your students pick an element and then try to identify as many products as possible that contain that chosen element.

Save Time by Using JoeZoo Express to Give Feedback in Google Docs

JoeZoo Express is a Google Documents Add-on that can save you a ton of time when you are grading or editing your students' writing in Google Documents. The way that JoeZoo Express saves you times is by providing you with the ability to store canned comments to insert directly in your students' work. You can use standard comments provided by JoeZoo Express or you can create, store, and use your own comments. Additionally, JoeZoo Express offers an option to include links to tutorials and help pages in your comments.

In June JoeZoo Express published a new set of tutorials for teachers and students. The playlist of tutorials is embedded below.

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