Saturday, August 19, 2017

Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship - A PDF Handout

The new school year is when we think about all of the new apps and sites we want to use with students. As we do that it's also important to think about teaching digital citizenship. Whether our students are in Kindergarten or are in high school, before we send them out on the web we should be teaching them digital citizenship. The PDF embedded below, click here if you cannot see it, features my favorite digital citizenship resources for elementary, middle, and high school students.

What Was There? - An Augmented Reality Activity

My bicycling club has a route that goes past some neat local history landmarks. One of those landmarks that most people miss is the site of the old cattle pound. Historically, most small towns in New England had cattle pounds or livestock pounds where wayward animals were held until their rightful owners claimed their animals and took them home. Going past the cattle pound this week made think about creating an augmented reality app in which students can learn about the hidden historical landmarks in their communities.

This morning I began working on an augmented reality app that will let people learn about the hidden historical landmarks in my community. I am using Metaverse Studio to make the app. In the video embedded below I demonstrate the basic process that I am using.

If you have an idea for an app, consider getting involved with the Metaverse Teachers Hackathon that is starting later today. You could win $200 in classroom supplies while also creating a great app for your students.

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The Week in Review - Back to School Webinars

Good morning from Maine where we're waiting for the sun to poke through the clouds so that we go enjoy a nice walk in the woods. But until that happens I'm going to work on some blog posts and work on some webinar materials. This week I hosted Google Forms & Sheets for Beginners. The webinar sold out and at least a dozen people asked if I could host it again. Therefore, on this coming Tuesday at 4pm EST I am once again hosting Google Forms & Sheets for Beginners. On a related note, if you're looking for online or in-person training for your staff, please take a look at what I offer.

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