Thursday, September 14, 2017

Citations for Beginners

EasyBib, the popular citation creation and management tool for students, recently published a new video that could help some students understand why they need to cite the sources of their information. The short video seems to be designed for an elementary school audience although some of the points in the video will require you to clarify and deepen the explanations. Overall, it is a pretty good video even if there is a clear promotional aspect of it.

How to Create a QR Code for a Google Form

This afternoon I received an email from a reader who wanted to know how to make a QR code for quiz that she had made in Google Forms. The process is rather straight-forward as it requires just one simple tool outside of Google Forms. To create a QR code for a Google Form simply click the "send" button in the upper-right corner of your Form, highlight the link and copy it. Then paste that link into the QR code generator on QR Droid. The video embedded below illustrates this process.

By the way, this process works for any URL not just those provided by Google Forms.

Kahoot Launches a New Mobile App - Play Games in Classroom or at Home

Kahoot released a new mobile app this morning. The new app, available for Android and iOS, contains all of the features that were promised back in June at the ISTE Conference. The new mobile app will let students participate in Kahoot games both in the classroom and at home.

The Kahoot mobile app offers a "single player mode" which will let students see questions and answer choices on the same screen. This removes the need to have a second screen in order to participate in a Kahoot game. The single player mode is the mode that students will want to choose when they are playing Kahoot games outside of your classroom. Being able to play games outside of your classroom is another new feature of the Kahoot mobile app.

You can now send "challenges" to students to complete in Kahoot. Challenges are quizzes that you assign to students to complete outside of your classroom. You can give challenges to students by sharing a link via email, sharing in Google Classroom, or by just sharing a game PIN assigned to the challenge.

You can download the new Kahoot Android and iPhone apps today. If you previously installed the apps, you should see the new features when you update the app.

ClassClimate - Know How Your Students Feel During the Day

ClassClimate is a new service that is designed to help teachers keep track of how their students are feeling during the day, week, and month. The service is rather simple and easy to use. Students simply sign into ClassClimate and click the word(s) that describe how they are feeling.

You can create a class or classes in your ClassClimate dashboard. Each class has its own join code that you give to your students to register as members of your class. Unfortunately, ClassClimate asks for students to have an email address to register.  Update! students no longer need email to use ClassClimate.

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