Friday, October 6, 2017

7 Ways to Help Kids Discover & Analyze New Information

Today's students have grown up with ubiquitous access to the Internet. That means that many of them think that because they can type something into Google they know how to search. Of course, we know that's not the case. On October 17 I will be hosting a free webinar designed to help you help your students discover new information through web research.

Locating new information is just part of the research process. Another significant portion is analyzing the information found through Internet search. In October 17th's free webinar I will share some of my favorite methods to help students analyze what they find on the Internet.

Join me on October 17th for 7 Ways to Help Kids Discover & Analyze New Information. This free webinar is sponsored by Kids Discover Online. I will be joined on the webinar by Ted Levine, the CEO of Kids Discover Online.

Using NoRedInk to Spice Up Grammar Lessons

NoRedInk is a service that helps teachers create differentiated grammar lessons that are personalized for each student. Teachers start by creating a free account, adding their classes, placing students in those classes, then adding different types of assignments to the classes.

NoRedInk has three core features including curriculum, assignments, and student data. The curriculum library has over hundreds of skills to practice that range from identifying parts of speech to using appropriate transition words and phrases. From the assignment tab you can create new assignments or see a list of existing assignments. The student data page allows you to monitor student progress in real time.

What makes NoRedInk more interesting for students is that when the create their accounts they get to select people and topics that interest them. This includes movies, celebrities, sports stars, and musicians. Students can further customize their account by adding the names of their friends and pets. This personalized information will be used by NoRedInk to create unique assignments for each student.

NoRedInk is free for teachers, parents, tutors, and anyone who wants to improve their grammar. There is premium version that is available for schools and districts that wish to unlock additional features.

  Welcome to NoRedInk from NoRedInk on Vimeo.

National Audubon Society Offers Great Educational Resources

The mission of the National Audubon Society is to, "Protect birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow, throughout the Americas, using science, advocacy, education, and on-the-ground conservation." Their beautiful website is full of resources that could be used in a variety of subjects and with students of all ages.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Binocular guide- provides tips on selecting binoculars as well as a guide to identify birds in the field. 
  • News- numerous articles that focus on science.
  • Ideas for how to get involved and help be an advocate for birds. 
  • Live bird webcams from around the United States. 
  • Education page with information on different nature camps for kids. 
  • Tips and tricks for photographing birds. 
  • Bird Guide with beautiful illustrations as well as bird calls for hundreds of different birds. 
If you want to see more posts about birds make sure you check out Wall of Birds and an Interactive Mural of Birds.

Applications for Education
This would be a great website to use with students of all ages who are researching birds,  conservation, habitats, or who need to identify birds. This site is also a great place to find current event articles. 

Fun With Bitmoji

Bitmojis are everywhere! They are found in emails, text messages, Twitter, and Facebook as well as countless other places online. If you have ever experienced bitmoji envy because you weren't quite sure how to create one, then today is your lucky day.

There are a couple of ways you can start the process of creating your bitmoji. You can either add the Bitmoji Chrome extension to your browser or you can download the app. The extension will allow you to access your bitmoji directly from your browser or from Gmail. Whether you are working from your browser or from the app, you will go through a series of screens where you will customize every aspect of your bitmoji. Once you are finished, you will have access to a fun cartoon avatar of yourself that you can use virtually anywhere on the web.

Applications for Education
Bitmojis are a fun and creative way to express yourself. You can use your bitmojis as motivational stickers. You can add them to emails and include them on Google Docs as a unique way to provide additional feedback. There are so many ways to use these images! Just remember to have fun with them!

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