Friday, January 12, 2018

300+ Comments Prove What We Already Knew About 1:1 Program Choices

Last Friday I posted a little survey on the Free Technology for Teachers Facebook page. The survey question was, "if you were given an unlimited budget, which of these would you choose for your 1:1 program?"

1. Windows
2. Mac
3. Chromebook
4. iPad
5. Android tablet

So far more than 300 of you have responded to the survey question. The responses are all over the place. For every comment in favor of one option there is a comment that argues against it. The comments are full of anecdotes about why Chromebooks were a bad choice for a school or why Windows is the best choice or why tablets are a bad solution.

As I said last month, there are too many variables to account for to give a blanket recommendation on what is the best 1:1 for any particular school without spending time getting to know all of the needs of the students and staff. Therefore, I'll just share the post and let you decide what's best for your situation.