Thursday, January 4, 2018

Can I Use Canva With Students Under 13? - Yes, But Read This

Canva is a fantastic service for creating all kinds of graphics. Over the years I have featured many ways to use it in your classroom. Here's a collection of free lesson plans that incorporate Canva and graphic design in many subject areas.

Whenever I write about it, someone will ask me about Canva's terms of service and whether or not it can be used with students under age 13. And that's what happened yesterday. I reached out to Canva's CEO Cliff Obrecht to seek clarification. He put me in touch with Canva's education team manager. Here's what they wrote to me.

Under 13s can use Canva if they’re appropriately supervised. We have a help centre article on exactly this point:

We made this change a couple of years ago.

The original message says we still have a 13+ requirement in our Terms. We don’t, we just require supervision. To my knowledge we have no functionality to block G Suite accounts for those under 13, nor any plans to add it. It would make it difficult to enable supervised access if we were blocking them.

Thanks to Cliff, Lee, and Julien at Canva for their quick responses to my email. And thanks to Jonathan for raising the question to me in an email yesterday morning.

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