Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Join the 2018 Practical Ed Tech Coaching Group This Week

The 2018 Practical Ed Tech Coaching Group is having its first webinar one week from today. There is still time to join. You can register online right here.

Here are some other questions that are frequently asked about joining the Practical Ed Tech Coaching Group.

1. How many hours does it require?
That’s up to you. I guarantee at least three hours of direct instruction through bi-weekly webinars and a monthly members-only Google Hangout. You can also join into a Slack group for on-going Q&A and discussion throughout the year. If you miss a webinar or Hangout, you can watch the recording the next day.

2. I don’t have a lot of tech skills, but I want to get better. Will I get left behind?
No, you will not. This group was designed to be as inclusive as possible. If you can open your web browser, you can participate and learn in this group. Will it be easy? No, but nothing worth learning is easy to learn.

3. I teach special ed/ ESL/ science/ something else, will I get anything out of this?
Yes. The content of the webinars is designed to so that it can be adapted to a wide variety of settings. Additionally, the intent of the monthly Hangouts and the Slack group is to provide you with opportunities to use me as a sounding board for ideas about implementation.

4. What is the schedule for the first webinars?
All webinars are broadcast live at 4pm Eastern Time. If you miss one, you can always watch the recording the next day.

Building Digital Portfolios – January 9th
AR & VR in the Classroom – January 23rd
Social Media for Teachers & Principals – February 6th
Video Creation as Assessment – February 20th
Copyright for Teachers – March 6th
Programming Simple Apps – March 20th

5. How do I register with a purchase order?
To register with a purchase order just send me an email at richard (at) byrne.media and I’ll get the process started with you. Of course, you can also register online right here and save your school $50.

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