Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Great List of Tools for Making Cool Infographics

Cool Infographics is a book and a blog written by Randy Krum. I read his book a few years ago and came away with some great design ideas that I now use in my slides and in some social media posts. On his blog Randy critiques the design quality and information accuracy of infographics found around the Internet. His blog also contains a section in which he lists dozens of tools for creating all kinds of data visualizations.

The Cool Infographics tools page lists dozens of tools for building all kinds of data visualizations from simple word clouds to complex interactive designs. The Cool Infographics tools page also lists resources for free images, resources on picking the right design for your project, and places to find data to use in your projects.

Some of the tools on the Cool Infographics tools page will be familiar to readers of this blog. Canva and Timeline JS, for example, have been featured many times on this blog. Some tools, like Zanifesto, were completely new to me.

Applications for Education
Creating infographics can be a good way for students to develop skills in analyzing, summarizing, and explaining data in a meaningful and concise way. Most of the resources listed on the Cool Infographics tools page could be used by middle school and high school students.

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