Thursday, March 22, 2018

Quizalize Announces a Game Design Competition for Students

Quizalize is one of my favorite services for creating and running review games for your students to play in your classroom or at home. Now they want students to get in on the game design fun. For the next five weeks Quizalize is accepting submissions to their Design-A-Game competition.

The Design-A-Game competition asks students to draw and write a description of a team review game to play on the Quizalize platform. Students don't have to actually build the game, they just need to create a drawing and write a description of how they envision the game to be played. Winners will be chosen from states and countries around the world. Winners will receive $200 cash for themselves and $250 for their schools. Winners of the first round move on to the final judging round where an overall winner will be selected. The overall winner will have his or her design turned into an actual game on the Quizalize platform. View the complete entry requirements here.

If you have never tried Quizalize, watch my video to see how it works.

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