Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Soon You'll Have More Information About Who Views Your Google Docs

Version History, previously called Revision History, in Google Docs has always let you see when someone made a change to a document with him or her. But Version History doesn't tell you if someone just went in and looked at the shared document. The same has always been true for Google Slides and Google Sheets too. That's about to change.

Today, Google announced a new Activity Dashboard for Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. Activity Dashboard will let you see who has accessed your shared file and when they accessed your shared file. It's important to note that the Activity Dashboard will only apply to Docs, Slides, and Sheets that you have invited people to become editors on. It won't apply to Docs, Slides, and Sheets that you have published as "view only."

Activity Dashboard is on a gradual roll-out program. Some users may see it as early as March 21st and others may not see it until April 23rd.