Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Padlet Makes a Big Change to Free Plan

Padlet is a tool that I have used and recommended for many years. In the last year the folks at Padlet have introduced a slew of great new features including built-in video and audio recording. As anyone who runs an online service can tell you, with popularity comes increasing overhead to keep the service running. And that seems to be the case with Padlet as they have announced a big change to their pricing structure.

Moving forward, Padlet's basic (free) plan will allow new users to have three Padlet walls. If you already have an active Padlet account, you will be able to have three more than whatever you currently have in your account. For example, I have 154 walls in my account so my new limit is 157. Padlet reached out to me to clarify that if I delete some walls my limit will still be 157. But that 157 limit only applies to my account. If you have 47 walls in your free account, your new limit will be 50.

Padlet's paid plans are $8.95/ month or $99/ year. The paid plans will give you unlimited Padlet walls in your account. It's also worth noting that the free plan will display advertising.

I recorded the following short video yesterday afternoon to share some of my thoughts about Padlet's changes and the freemium business model in general.

And a big thanks to Danny Nicholson for bringing the Padlet news to my attention via a post on The Whiteboard Blog Facebook page.