Monday, April 2, 2018

The Lives of Teenagers and Soldiers in Ancient Rome

One of the earliest TED-Ed lessons was about teenage life in Ancient Rome.The video and its associated questions feature the story of seventeen year old Lucius Popidius Secundus.

Last week TED-Ed published a new lesson about life in Ancient Rome. In A Day In the Life of a Roman Soldier students learn about a soldier named Servius who joined the army as an eighteen-year-old and has been in the army of eight years. Through the video students learn why some soldiers are in the army, their pay, and how long they had to be in the army in order to retire. And true to the title, the lesson teaches students about what soldiers carried, who they served with, and who they served under. Find the full lesson here or watch the video as embedded below.

On a related note, National Geographic 101's Ancient Rome 101 provides an excellent introduction to the origin, rise, and fall of the Roman Empire. The length and substance of the video makes it an ideal candidate for inclusion in an EDpuzzle lesson.

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