Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Todost - A Simple Task Management Tool

Todost is a free and simple tool for keeping track of items on your to-do list. To make a list just go to the website on your laptop or on your phone. Once at the site you can start entering your list of tasks for the day. Click the check box next to each task as you complete them and it will be crossed out. You can also completely delete an item from your list.

Todost doesn't ask for an email address, a username, or any other kind of log-in. It remembers your tasks only in your browser through the use of cookies. That means that you cannot sync your lists across multiple devices. If you want that capability, take a look at one of these five options.

Applications for Education
While Todost could be a good little tool to help kids keep track of tasks throughout the day, the real reason that I'm sharing it is found in the footer below the Todost task lists. It is in that footer that you will find a link to the code that was used in developing Todost. Click the Code Pen link in the footer to find that code. Students who are interested in learning to code could use the Todost code as the basis for making their own browser-based task management tools.

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