Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Google Finally Removes "Next Blog" Link from Blogger

For as long as I can remember people have complained about the "next blog" link that appears by default at the top of Blogger blogs. No one likes it because it can lead visitors to random blogs that may or may not be appropriate for classrooms. For many years I've taught people how to change their Blogger template code to remove the "next blog" link. According to today's post on the Official Blogger Blog, the "next blog" link is going to be eliminated in the next few months.

In the same blog post it was announced that Google is going to end support for third-party gadgets in sidebar columns, headers, and footers. However, you will still be able to embed HTML and Javascript into those areas.

Applications for Education
The removal of the "next blog" from the header makes Blogger more classroom-friendly than before.

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