Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Three Ways to Collect Registration Information for School Fundraiser Events

This evening I answered the following email from a reader who is organizing a fundraising event for her class:

Our class will be doing a dine to donate night at Applebee's on May 31st and manager would like estimate for number of attendees and suggested we use something online for people to signup. I thought I saw something that allowed more details that just a Facebook event 'going versus interested.'

These are the three services that I would look into using if I was organizing a similar fundraising event.

1. Eventbrite

  • Eventbrite is an event ticketing service that you can use for free if you are not charging people for admission to the event. By having attendees register through Eventbrite you'll get a head count, a list of email addresses, and the attendees will be issued a ticket for the event. Eventbrite will let you set a cap on registrations too. You can embed your Eventbrite registration forms into an existing blog or website. 
  • SignUpGenius is a freemium service for creating event registration forms. The free version allows you to collect basic registration information. The free version will display a lot of advertising on your registration page and will not let you embed the registration form into your blog or website. 

3. Google Forms

  • You could use Google Forms to create an event registration page. You could impose a registration limit by using the Forms Add-on called FormLimiter. And you could even issue tickets via email by using the Add-on called Certify'em with a certificate modified to be an event ticket. Watch my video here to learn how to use Certify'em.

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