Monday, May 28, 2018

Using Google Forms to Track Professional Development

Last week I had the pleasure of working with teachers at Sigsbee Charter School. In doing so I gained a good idea from their librarian and technology specialist, Jay Schwermer. Jay is using a Google Form with the Certify'em Add-on installed to issue certificates to teachers when they develop skills by completing tasks in a professional development workshop. For example, last week teachers completed a form after they built a Google Site that met defined requirements. They then received a certificate if they answered all of the questions on the form including a couple of quiz questions.

Certify'em is a Google Forms Add-on that makes it possible for you to issue automatically issue certificates to people who successfully complete your Google Form. When you enable Certify'em on a Form it will populate a couple of required fields in your Form and ask you to specify a minimum passing score. Complete those fields then write your quiz and set an answer key just as you would for any other quiz that you build in Google Forms. When students complete the quiz they will automatically receive PDF certificates in their email inboxes if they have passed the quiz. (If you want to use Certify'em to issue certificates without making people complete a quiz, just set one easy question as the only scored question).

Learn more about Google Forms, Certify'em, and other Google Forms Add-ons on Thursday during my Google Forms & Sheets for Beginners webinar. You can get a PD certificate for attending. 

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