Friday, June 8, 2018

Flipgrid Password-protected All Grids This Morning

This morning all teachers using Flipgrid were sent an email about privacy updates that they made to all accounts. Those updates included automatically password-protecting all Flipgrid grids that did not already have password-protection in place. That means that students will need to enter a password in order to view and or add to a Flipgrid grid. You can sign into your Flipgrid account to change the automatically set password.

The other part of Flipgrid's email to users mentioned the need for all teachers to verify and or update their account information. The next time you sign into your account you will be prompted to verify or update before you can access the rest of your teacher dashboard. Verifying and or updating takes just a minute, I did it in my account this morning.

Wondering what Flipgrid is? Watch my video overview of the service.