Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Microsoft Adds New OneNote and Teams Features for Teachers and Students

This week Microsoft announced a handful of new OneNote and Teams features. These new features were all developed for the purpose of improving collaboration and transparency.

Rubrics in Teams 
Back in February Microsoft acquired Chalkup. One of Chalkup's primary services was to provide a platform for creating, sharing, using rubrics to grade assignments online. Chalkup's capabilities are now found in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams now lets use rubrics to grade assignments. Students can see the rubrics used for grading an assignment before and after completing an assignment. Read more about rubrics in Teams right here.

OneNote Class Notebook Page Locking
Page locking in OneNote Class Notebooks will let you lock an individual page within a notebook. You can also lock a page as read-only after giving a student feedback on a page. As usual, the location of these setting options varies between versions of OneNote Class Notebooks. You can find the directions for each supported version here.

Team Join Codes
In an effort to make it easier to have people join a team you can now share a join code. A similar feature is available in Google Classroom. That feature is quite popular and I think the Microsoft Teams join code feature will be popular too.

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