Saturday, July 14, 2018

An Easy Way to Create a GIF from Google Slides

A simple animated GIF can be useful for things like showing how a simple system works, illustrating the steps to solving a math problem, or showing a sequence of before and after pictures. A few months ago I shared three easy ways to create animated GIFs. This morning I discovered another easy way to create a GIF.

Docs365 GIFmaker is a free Google Slides add-on that you can use to turn your slides into a GIF. To make a GIF with Docs365 GIFmaker first create a set of slides in the sequence in which you want the parts of your animation to appear. After making your slides run the Docs365 GIFmaker add-on. The add-on will then turn your slides into a GIF. You can specify the dimensions that you want your GIF to be or you can use the default sizing. Your GIF can be downloaded directly to your computer or you can save it to Google Drive right from the add-on.