Friday, July 13, 2018

Flippity Fun With Words

In my excitement about Flippity's Google Sheets Add-on working again I forgot to mention that they have new template available for all Google Sheets users. The latest template in Flippity's gallery of Google Sheets templates is called Fun With Words.

The Flippity Fun With Words template creates printable word art from the words that you have listed in a Google Sheets column. To do this simply make a copy of the template, enter words into column A in the spreadsheet, and then select "publish to the web" from the "file" drop-down menu. Once you do those three steps Flippity will generate a link for you to view your words as word art. There are seven word art styles that you can use. Those styles are Nature, Signs, Blocks, Lego, Scrabble, ASL, and Periodic Table. As you can see in the picture below, I chose to have my name displayed in ASL.

Applications for Education
Flippity's Fun With Words template could provide you with a great way to print your students' names for display in your classroom at the beginning of the school year. Using Flippity's word art to print their names is a nice way to break out of the typical fonts that you might use to label desks or cubbies in your classroom.