Monday, July 16, 2018

Three Tools That Can Help You Save Time on Routine Tasks

Time is the one thing that we want more of. We can't create more time for ourselves but we can be more efficient on some routine tasks so that we have more time for the fun things we want to do. Here are three tools that you might want to try to use to save time on routine tasks.

Reply to email more efficiently
Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome is a convenient Chrome extension that enables you to create keyboard shortcuts for phrases that you frequently use in emails. As you can see in the video embedded below, you can set a keyword that when typed will fill the body of your email with programmed text. This is a convenient tool to use if you find yourself frequently replying to the same type of questions in your email.

Use your voice to comment on documents
Kaizena is a free tool that enables you to record voice comments on Google Documents instead of writing comments. But the part of Kaizena that really stands out is the option to link your comments to a lesson that you have stored in your Kaizena account. For example, you could highlight a misuse of "their" or "there" in a student's document and then link that highlight to a lesson about homonyms.

Create and send videos from your inbox
If you're the person who everyone emails for help with their tech problems, you need to try Loom. You can launch Loom's screen recorder directly from your inbox. Not only can you launch it from your inbox you can also add your recording into any email that you are sending. As I explain and demonstrate in this video, Loom makes it easy to quickly send a screencast to a colleague who emails you to ask for tech help.

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