Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Flipgrid's Mobile App Now Has Basic Editing Options

Buried in amongst the other Microsoft EDU announcements that were made this week was the news that Flipgrid's mobile app was updated.

The latest version of the Flipgrid mobile app has a basic editing function that will let students trim the beginning and or end of a video before submitting it to a grid. Additionally, the latest update to the Flipgrid added the option to use both front and rear facing cameras in a video. Students can tap the flip icon in the recorder to switch from the front to rear camera and back within the same recording. The third new feature in the app is the option for kids to switch from landscape to portrait view while recording.

Here are the links to the updated mobile apps:
Flipgrid for Android
Flipgrid for iOS
Flipgrid for Windows 10

Applications for Education
Of the new features in the Flipgrid mobile app, the option to flip between the front and rear cameras in the same video is the one that I think will be the most useful for students and teachers. Switching between those two cameras could be great for making short instructional videos in which you start by talking into the camera and then switch to showing something like a chemistry demonstration.

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