Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Free Webinar - How to Create DIY Explainer Videos

A decade ago Common Craft introduced the world to a new style of explanatory videos. That style which came to known as the Common Craft Style consisted of Lee LeFever narrating a video while displaying simple paper cutouts on a blank white background. Since then teachers and students all over the world have made their own videos in the Common Craft style. Next week, Common Craft is hosting a free webinar in which you can learn how you can make your own videos in the Common Craft style. The live webinar is going to be held on August 21st at 2pm Eastern Time. Register here.

Highlights of How to Create DIY Explainer Videos include:
  • Using storyboards to develop ideas.
  • Basic steps for creating DIY animated videos.
  • Tips for recording voice-overs.
  • Making scripts for videos.
  • Q&A with Lee LeFever
The last time that I joined one of Common Craft's webinars I gained a bunch of video creation tips so I plan to attend their next free webinar on Tuesday and I hope that you will too. 

Disclosure: I have a long-standing in-kind relationship with Common Craft. 

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