Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Create Digital Scavenger Hunts With Flippity's New Google Sheets Template

Flippity is a site that offers great Google Sheets templates that you can use to make flashcards, timelines, and games. The latest game template added to Flippity is a scavenger hunt template. Flippity calls it a scavenger hunt but it is more like a series of trivia questions that students answer to open digital locks. Try it yourself with this demo game.

To create a Flippity scavenger hunt simply go to the site and select the scavenger hunt template. Make a copy of the template and open it in your Google Sheets. You can then write your questions, answers, and clues. You can use pictures and videos as question prompts. Pictures, videos, and links to websites can be used as clues in Flippity scavenger hunts. Once you have written all of your questions, answers, and clues use the File drop-down menu in Google Sheets to publish your sheet to the web. Then use that link in the Flippity template to launch your scavenger hunt game. Your game is assigned a unique URL that you can share with students so that they can play the game.

Applications for Education
Flippity's scavenger hunt template could be useful in making fun trivia games and riddle games for students.