Monday, February 12, 2018

Pixorize - Free Image Annotation Tool

Pixorize is a free tool for adding interactive annotations to your images. Using Pixorize is a fairly straight-forward process. To get started just upload any picture that you have saved on your computer. (After your image is uploaded you may need to resize it to make it fit into your browser). Once the image is uploaded you can add points, circles, squares, and stars as annotation markers on your image. After adding an annotation marker you can write text to explain the element of the image to which you are calling attention.

To save and or share your work on Pixorize you must create an account. However, creating an account didn't require validating your email address (I created an account with a fake email address that I have for one of my dogs). After saving your image on Pixorize you can share a link to it or embed it in a blog post as I have done below.

Applications for Education
Pixorize is still a new product, but it has great potential as an alternative to Thinglink. You could have students use Pixorize to annotate diagrams, maps, or images like the one in my example featured above.

Free Math - A Free System for Grading Large Batches of Math Assignments

Free Math is an interesting new service that students can use to complete math problems and then submit to their teachers their solutions along with steps taken to arrive at the solution. Teachers can use the service to grade large batches of their students' work.

It took me a few tries to wrap my head around how Free Math works, but I settled on the idea that it's basically a digital notebook that students submit to you for grading. Students complete math problems on Free Math and then send a file to you. You can assign problems to them from any source because they have to write them into Free Math. Once you have received the file you can upload it to Free Math where the program will grade your students' work. Free math can handle more than 100 assignments at a time. Watch the following video to see how the program works.

Advanced Similarity Checker Add-on for Google Docs by Unicheck

Disclosure: This is a sponsored blog post written by the staff of Unicheck.

Lately, the educational community has been buzzing with stunning news, reporting that Unicheck plagiarism checker created integration with Google Classroom, which still remains the only plagiarism detection solution for Google Classroom.

Keeping in mind such criteria as accuracy, convenience and productivity, Unicheck has prepared another release, this time providing a solution for students, teachers, and everyone interested in quality plagiarism checks and more.

The new add-on from Unicheck is the fully integrated plagiarism checker that works smoothly and swiftly in Google docs, lets users view matched sources and similarities, review, exclude and include citations, all without leaving Google Docs.

Click here if you cannot see the embedded video.

Unicheck Add-on in action
The process of Add-on workflow may be described in just 3 steps: install, sigh in, get check report. But modesty of actions is underpinned with serious background such as full featured functionality and comprehensive check results.

Unicheck add-on boasts high quality of search, which provides only the relevant links to the found matches, and uses live web index. Unicheck also supports almost all alphabet languages and automatically saves the reports of all checked Google Docs in the user’s personal library.

Unicheck add-on is easy to install and has a very simple and intuitive interface. To use it, though, the system will ask to sign in to the user’s Unicheck account. This, however, can be done within the Google doc, and takes just a few seconds. This step is very important, as Add-on is directly bound to user’s Unicheck account.

Installation of the add-on is free of charge, and all new users receive 5 free pages for their checks.

Clicking “Start check” lets the system count the amount of pages in a document, and it takes just few seconds to get a report. The report will display general similarity score in percents, list of similarity sources, citations, and references in the document. The full report uses color mask which is fully interactive.

Unicheck is a plagiarism detection system widely used in more than 600 educational institutions in more than 30 countries of the world. Unicheck integrates with the most popular LMSs, including Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackboard and Moodle, can be applied to most systems via API, or used for independent checks as a standalone tool. Unicheck is a highly secure system, providing users with 128 bit encryption and applying high safety standards in its work.

18 Sets of Free to Use and Reuse Pictures and Videos

The Library of Congress is a great place to find a lot of media that is in the public domain. The only problem with finding material on the LOC's website is just that, it's often hard to find. In an attempt to begin to remedy that situation the Library of Congress has started to publish collections of free to use and reuse media.

The Library of Congress has eighteen sets of free to use and reuse images and videos. The sets are arranged thematically except for the public domain films set which seems to be just a random sampling of what is available from the National Film Registry. Each set has about twenty items. The header description above each set will lead you to a larger collection of images and videos.

Applications for Education
These sets of images and videos from the Library of Congress could be great for history students who are creating videos or other multimedia presentations. It's important to note that the images can be downloaded in a variety of sizes. Students will want to download the largest size possible for use in videos or slideshows.

Create Custom Typing Tests With This Google Sheets Template

There are many things that can be done with Google Sheets besides just sorting and analyzing data. One of those things is creating games like word searches and Bingo or creating typing tests. The Google Sheets Add-on called Flippity includes a template that makes it easy to create your own custom typing tests. In the video that is embedded below I demonstrate how to create a custom typing test in Google Sheets.

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