Tuesday, March 20, 2018

ABCya! Offers 24 Tutorials for Fun Hands-on Projects

ABCya! is best known for its huge collection of educational games like these typing games. This evening I went directly to ABCya's homepage where I noticed that they now offer a collection of how-to videos.

ABCya's video page includes twenty-four instructional videos that teach you how to complete fun craft projects like making slime, creating origami unicorns, and making finger puppets. The videos are only available on the ABCya! website and not available to embed into other sites or blogs.

Applications for Education
I'd consider using the finger puppets how-to video to help students make puppets to use in puppet show about a topic in social studies lesson. For example, years ago I had some students make a puppet show about the concept of puppet governments.

ABCya's craft how-to videos could be useful to teachers of after-school programs who are looking for some hands-on projects to do with elementary school students.

ICYMI - 5 Video Projects for Almost Every Classroom

Last week over on PracticalEdTech.com I hosted a webinar titled 5 Video Projects for Almost Every Classroom. Nearly 100 teachers joined that live webinar. If you missed it, the recording of the webinar and all of the associated handouts are now available on-demand. Register to access the recording today and your access to the recording never expires so that you can go back and review it whenever you like as often as you like.

Teaching History With Technology
For the rest of this week my popular Teaching History With Technology course is on sale for $20 off. I recently redesigned the format of the course to make it possible for you to complete the course as quickly or slowly as you like. Each lesson includes tutorial videos, handouts, and suggested classroom activities. A professional development certificate is available to those who complete the course. Click here to get started.

A Hands-on Science Lesson for the Spring

When I was in Kindergarten we grew marigolds in Styrofoam cups and took them home in spring (probably for Mother's Day, but my mother will have to confirm that detail). I was reminded of that little project when I watched a new SciShow Kids video. Earlier today SciShow Kids published a video titled Grow Your Own Potatoes. The video explains what potatoes are and how they grow. And, as the title implies, the video provides directions for growing potatoes in a classroom or at home.

How to Find Free Music for Classroom Projects

Dig CC Mixter is a good place to find music for use in classroom projects like videos and podcasts. The music that you will find on Dig CC Mixter is Creative Commons licensed. And, as I demonstrate in the following video, Dig CC Mixter makes it very easy to give proper attribution to the artists whose music you use.

Dig CC Mixter is one of the resources that I recommend in my on-demand webinar 5 Video Projects for Almost Every Classroom.

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