Saturday, March 24, 2018

5 TED-Ed Lessons About How the Food We Eat Affects Our Bodies

This morning while my daughter was napping I went down the rabbit hole of YouTube related videos. It started out as a simple search for some new cycling workout videos and ended up with this TED-Ed lesson about carbohydrates. That lesson goes nicely with some other TED-Ed lessons that I have bookmarked about how the foods we eat affect our bodies.

How Sugar Affects the Brain is a TED-Ed lesson through which students learn why sugary foods and beverages can become addictive and how the human body processes sugar. The video is embedded below.

How Do Carbohydrates Impact Your Health? teaches students the basics of what carbohydrates are, the types of foods that are rich in carbohydrates, and how the human body processes carbohydrates.

What's the Big Deal With Gluten? is a lesson that teaches students what gluten is and where it is found. The lesson also addresses why some people are allergic to gluten and why some people just think they're allergic to gluten.

How the Food You Eat Affects Your Gut is a TED-Ed lesson through which students can learn about the gut microbiome that helps your body maintain its immune system and the best foods to maintain a healthy gut microbiome.

How the Food You Eat Affects Your Brain takes a look at the composition of the human brain and the foods that have an impact on how the brain functions. Like the lesson about gut health, this lesson includes a list of the foods that can have a positive impact on your brain's function.

Zanifesto - Nice Infographic Design Templates

A couple of weeks ago I shared the Cool Infographics list of tools for making infographics. In that list of tools I found a new-to-me tool called Zanifesto.

Zanifesto is a free infographic creation tool. I tried it out this week to see if I could make a good looking infographic. I almost successful in that endeavor. Zanifesto has excellent templates for making infographics. The shortcoming of the service is that it wasn't all that easy to edit the templates. For example, in the template that I selected there was one element that I wanted to resize and slightly shift its position. That seems like it should be easy, but after many tries I got frustrated and just deleted it altogether. Changing fonts was almost as frustrating.

If you're looking for inspiration for an infographic, Zanifesto is useful for that purpose. I would look at the templates for inspiration and then use something else like Canva or even Google Drawings to make my infographic.

STEM, Music, and Spring - The Week in Review

Good morning from Maine where spring is in the air and lots of snow is still on the ground. Some of my favorite days of the year happen now when there's still snow on the ground but it's warm enough during the day to have fun in the sun. In fact, that's what I did yesterday afternoon when I snapped this picture at Sunday River and tagged it #happyplacefound. And when my youngest daughter wakes up from her nap we'll go for a walk to see how the woods are starting to come alive with signs of spring. Wherever you are this weekend, I hope that you get some refreshing time outside too.

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