Saturday, April 14, 2018

My Go-to Tool for Making Stop Motion Movies

Update October 2020: This resource is no longer available. 

This evening I received an email from a reader who was looking for a free tool to use to have his students make stop-motion videos. (By the way, I get emails from readers every day and I try to answer all of them). JellyCam is the free tool that have recommended for years and still recommend for making stop-motion videos on Mac and Windows computers.

JellyCam is free software for creating stop motion movies. Using JellyCam you can create stop motion movies using images from your computer or images that you capture via your webcam. Once you've selected images you can quickly arrange them into a sequence. After the sequence is set you can specify how many images you want per frame. A soundtrack can be uploaded to your video.

In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to use JellyCam.

Spark, Parks, and Jeopardy - The Week in Review

Good evening from Maine where it is snowing, again. This week was a classic spring week in Maine in which we had both sunshine and snow. We're still weeks away from seeing green grass like I saw yesterday when I was in Greenwich, Connecticut where I facilitated a professional development workshop.

Speaking of professional development, I only have a handful of days left in my summer calendar for school and conference workshops. If you're interested in having me lead a professional development workshop at your school, please get in touch by sending an email to richardbyrne (at) or by using the contact form here.

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Online Professional Development
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Tube - A Distraction-free Way to Search and Watch YouTube

Tube is a new tool providing a minimalist view of YouTube. When you go to Tube all you will see is "Tube," a disclaimer, a link to the developer's Twitter account, and a search box. Enter your search terms into the Tube search box and a list of results appears below it without showing any advertising or other sidebar content. When you click one of the videos in the search results it is displayed nearly full-screen on a plain white background.

Applications for Education
If you have ever wanted to show a YouTube video in your classroom but got discouraged by "related" videos or advertisements in the sidebar, Tube is a tool that you should try. Tube won't remove advertisements that are played within the video itself, but it does hide everything else.

A few similar tools that I also like are Quietube, ViewPure, and Watchkin.

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