Monday, June 4, 2018

Five Things You and Your Students Can Make With Canva

During the weekend I received an email from a reader who was looking for advice on host to make a logo or graphic for her class and to use on social media. My recommendation was to try using Canva. I'm never going to be mistaken as a graphic design artist and even I can make a decent graphic on Canva. I've been using it for years in the web browser on my laptop and iPad. Recently, I started using Canva's Android app too.

Five Things You and Your Students can Make With Canva
  1. Logos and icons. Canva has a huge gallery of free templates for making logos and icons to use online and in print. Have a classroom mascot? Make a logo that includes that mascot and post it on your classroom website to add a little customization and familiarity to your site. Or add it to your header in your Google Classroom.
  2. Infographics. Having them represent data in a clear infographic can be a good way to make students analyze that data in order to best present it to others. Take a look through the infographic templates in Canva and you'll see that infographics are more than just pie charts and bar graphs.
  3. Slides. Use the slide design tools in Canva to break out of the rut of standard templates found in PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.
  4. Greeting cards. Have your students use the card templates to design greeting cards. After designing the cards your students can print them and write in them. Watch this video to learn how make greeting cards in Canva.
  5. Simple webpages. Many of Canva's templates, particularly the presentation templates, can be published online as simple stand-alone webpages. Click here to watch my tutorial on how to do that. 

Can I use Canva with students under 13?
Yes, you can. I reached out directly to Canva's CEO with the question of use by students under age 13. You can read his response right here.