Wednesday, June 27, 2018

How to Use SeeSaw's New Activity Library

Earlier this week SeeSaw unveiled a new activity library for teachers. The new library contains more than 1500 activities that you can assign to your students in your SeeSaw classroom. You can use the activities as they are written or modify them to meet your students' needs. In the following video I demonstrate how to access activities in the SeeSaw library and share those activities with your students.

More Ways to Add Content to Book Creator Projects - Coming Soon!

Thanks to Amy Burns I just learned about a great, new feature that is soon to be available in Book Creator. The new feature will let you embed content from third-party sites into your Book Creator books. Some of the many third-party sites that will be supported in this new feature include Desmos (an online graphing calculator), Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, Google VR tours, and Flipgrid!

Applications for Education
Book Creator was already one of my two favorite tools for making multimedia ebooks. This new feature makes it even better in my book. I can see using this feature to have students include VR tours that they make with Google's VR Tour Creator in the stories that they write in Book Creator.

Five Key Updates to Microsoft's Education Products

During the ISTE conference this week Microsoft showcased many features of their varied education products. If you, like me, were not able to attend the conference, you can get a full run-down of all of the updates in What's New in EDU.  Here are the updates that stood-out to me.

Add Forms to Assignments in Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Forms provides a good platform for creating quizzes and surveys. You can now add your Forms to assignments that you distribute to students through Microsoft Teams.

If you haven't tried Microsoft Forms, watch my video to learn how to get started. It has some features that I think you'll like.

Use Rubrics in Microsoft Teams
This was actually announced a couple of weeks ago, but it is worth sharing again. You can attach rubrics to assignments for students to see before and after completing an assignment. Equally important, you'll be able to grade an assignment using that rubric without having to open multiple tabs or windows.

Dictation Available to More Users
From Immersive Reader to Dictation, Microsoft tries to make their products as accessible as possible to everyone. To that end, Dictation is now available in the Win 32 versions of PowerPoint and Word. This is in addition to all of the other places that Dictation is available including the Windows 10 version of OneNote.

Math Quizzes in Forms
Microsoft Forms has an excellent math feature. You can use this feature to create math quizzes in Microsoft Forms. After creating your quiz you can add that form to an assignment in Microsoft Teams.

If you're lucky enough to have the budget for LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, you'll want to check out Microsoft MakeCode for LEGO MINSTORMS EV3. MakeCode is a drag-and-drop, block-based, programming interface that students can use on any computer to program their robots.

Prior to ISTE Microsoft announced some other product updates including expansion of Immersive Reader functions and page-locking in OneNote class notebooks

How to Save Bookmarks Using OneNote for Android

In 2018 I have been using OneNote as my primary tool for saving bookmarks and quick notes. Previously, used Google Keep for all of my bookmarks and notes on my Android phone. I made the switch because I found OneNote's Android app to have more features that I use on a regular basis. The feature I use the most is bookmarking links. In the following video I demonstrate how I use OneNote to bookmark links on my Android phone.

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