Monday, August 6, 2018

ClassTag's Marketplace Opens Tomorrow - Enter to Win Free Supplies

Last month ClassTag announced that they were launching a Marketplace through which teachers can earn classroom supplies and other products as rewards for having a high level of engagement with parents through the ClassTag system. The ClassTag Marketplace was initially going to launch last week but its launch was delayed until tomorrow.

To generate interest in their marketplace ClassTag is hosting a contest that will award $1,000 of marketplace credit to ten teachers who enter the ClassTag Parent-Teacher Engagement Contest. To enter the contest you have to write a short essay about the innovative and creative ways you've engaged with your students' parents. Entries are due by August 20 and the complete contest rules can be found here.

A Free Presidential Timeline Poster for Your Classroom

For the last few years C-SPAN Classroom has offered a free poster depicting a timeline of American presidents. That offer is back for the 2018-19 school year. The poster shows each President's time in office, a short biography, the era of American history in which each President served, and a couple of major events that happened during each President's time in office. The poster is free for anyone who has a free C-SPAN Classroom account. (By the way, if you haven't logged into your C-SPAN Classroom account since the last school year, you will probably need to update your account this fall).

Applications for Education
C-SPAN Classroom offers a number of suggestions for using the poster in your classroom. I had a similar poster in my classroom eight years ago. I let my students choose a President from the poster and create a short video biography of their chosen President.