Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Share Math Playground Activities to Google Classroom

Math Playground offers hundreds of free math games and interactive modules for elementary school students. I'm not sure if this is old news or not, but this morning I was looking at some of the games and noticed that you can share the games directly to Google Classroom.

To share a Math Playground activity to Google Classroom simply open a game then click the Google Classroom icon that appears below the game. Math Playground will launch a pop-up window (make sure you have your browser set to allow pop-ups) in which you can select the Google Classroom class to which to send the game. In the same pop-up you will be able to choose to make the game an assignment, an announcement, or a material in your class' "classwork" section.

Applications for Education
If I was teaching elementary school I would consider following Tony Vincent's suggestion of adding a section in Classwork for "things to do with extra time" and adding some of the Math Playground activities to it. For more information about that idea, take a look at Tony's recent Tweet that includes a visual aid.

Two Interactive Copies of the Constitution for Constitution Day

Next Monday is Constitution Day in the United States. By law all schools that receive federal funds have to offer some instruction on on the Constitution. If you're looking for some activities to do with your students on Constitution Day, consider having your students explore one of the following interactive displays of the Constitution.

The Constitution Center's website features the U.S. Constitution divided into easily searchable sections. From the main page you can select and jump to a specific article or amendment. What I really like about the site is that you can choose an issue like privacy, civil rights, or health care and see how those issues are connected to the Constitution. The Constitution Center offers an extensive list of lesson plans for each of the Constitution's articles and amendments. Select an article or amendment then scroll to the bottom of the page to find the lesson plans. Alternatively, you can find all of the lesson plans listed here.

C-SPAN Classroom has a section called Constitution Clips. On Constitution Clips you will find the entire text of the U.S. Constitution. Within the text there are links to videos that are related to each article and amendment. The videos are a mix of scholars talking, news clips, and documentary clips. When you click on one of the links you will be directed to a page that contains the corresponding video. Below each video there are links to additional resources including lesson plans.

Nature Cat's Great Outdoors - An App for Sunny, Rainy, and Snowy Days

Nature Cat's Great Outdoors is a free app from PBS Kids. The app, available for iOS and Android, provides students with activities they can do outdoors in all kinds of weather. And there some indoor activities for those days when you really don't want to go outdoors.

To use the Nature Cat's Great Outdoors app students simply open it, press play, and select a "daily nature adventure." There are adventures for sunny days, rainy days, and snowy days. An example of a rainy day adventure is recording the sounds of rain drops and the sounds of splashing in puddles. The app has more than 100 adventure suggestions built into it. Students earn digital badges for completing adventures.

Nature Cat's Great Outdoors has a journal component that students can use to record observations and ideas. The journal lets students save audio recordings, type notes, and draw. Students can record and write on blank journal pages or respond to one of the prompts included in the journals.

Applications for Education
I love apps like Nature Cat's Great Outdoors because they have activities that appeal to students while also encouraging outdoor learning. Many of the activities in Nature Cat's Great Outdoors are excellent starters for elementary school science lessons.

Free Webinar Today! - Making Great Handouts With Storyboard That Templates

Today, at 4pm ET I'm hosting a free webinar titled Making Great Handouts With Storyboard That Templates. This webinar will feature many of the new story cube and worksheet design tools that were added to Storyboard That for the new school year.

In Making Great Handouts With Storyboard That Templates you will learn how you can use the features of Storyboard That to create great-looking worksheets, story cubes, and instructional templates. Storyboard That's design tools are perfect for folks like me who aren't particularly artistically-inclined. That's because there are more than 40,000 pieces of pre-made artwork in Storyboard That that you can drag-and-drop into your designs.

Storyboard That is encouraging enterprising teachers to use the new worksheet and story cube design tools to make things that they can list on marketplaces like Teachers Pay Teachers. To that end, there isn't any Storyboard That watermarking applied to the materials that you make through their service. Finally, the end of this webinar will include some tips on listing your materials on TPT and Gumroad.

Click here to register for Making Great Handouts With Storyboard That Templates.

This webinar will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live broadcast. Everyone who is registered will be sent a copy of the recording, there is no need to email me to request a copy of the recording.

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