Thursday, October 25, 2018

Scrible Helps Students Organize and Use Research

Scrible is a service that helps students organize their online and offline research findings. That is done through the Scrible's website and Chrome extension. Scrible's Google Docs add-on helps students use their research in their papers.

Scrible's Chrome extension includes tools for highlighting and creating notes any webpage that students view. Those highlights and notes are saved in students' Scrible accounts. Scrible also automatically saves the information about a page that students need to include in the bibliographies of their papers.

Scrible's Google Docs Add-on provides students with access to all the resources that they have saved in their Scrible accounts. From the Add-on students can insert quotes from bookmarked resources. When students insert a quote an inline citation is also added into their documents. Scrible can also format a bibliography for students based upon the citations that they insert into their documents.

Watch the following video for an overview of all of Scrible's features.

GeoGreeting - Send Messages Using Google Earth Imagery

Years ago I wrote about a service called GeoGreeting. This morning I got an email that reminded me of the service so I decided to see if it still works. Sure enough GeoGreeting still works as well as ever. It's a free service that spells out your greetings using satellite images of buildings found in the Google Maps satellite view AKA Google Earth view. Watch my short video to see GeoGreeting in action.

Applications for Education
GeoGreeting could provide you with an easy way to introduce to new users the capabilities of the satellite views of Google Maps. Another way to use GeoGreeting would be to have students create messages then explore and research the areas around the buildings shown in the images of their greetings.

Let's Talk Politics - An Alexa Game for Learning About U.S. Civics

Let's Talk Politics is a new Alexa app designed for reviewing and learning about U.S. government. Let's Talk Politics is an interactive game in which Alexa asks you questions about the U.S. political system and you speak your answers. The app provides explanations of the correct answers after you reply to each question. Unlike typical online games in which students pick a level to play, Let's Talk Politics adjusts the difficulty of t the game in response to how players are answering questions. Watch the following video to see a demonstration of Let's Talk Politics.

Applications for Education
Let's Talk Politics could provide some students with a convenient way to review their understanding of the structure of U.S. government and how leaders are elected.

Your Life in Comics - 100 Writing Prompts from Make Beliefs Comix

Make Beliefs Comix is a nice service on which students can create their own comics. But there is more to Make Beliefs Comix than just comic creation tools. Make Beliefs Comix offers free ebooks containing many writing prompts for students. Your Life in Comics is the latest ebook released by Make Beliefs Comix. The ebook contains one hundred writing prompts in the form of one-frame comic scenes. Your Life in Comics is a fillable PDF so that students can download it and then write in it.

My one criticism of Your Life in Comics is the subtitle which is "100 Things for Guys to Write and Draw." I realize that the author is probably trying to inspire boys to write, but there isn't any reason that girls can also use the prompts contained within Your Life in Comics.

An Overview of the Make Beliefs Comix platform
Make Beliefs Comix provides students with comic characters and scenes that they can drag and drop into comic frames. Students can publish their work online or download it as PDFs. Watch my video to for a detailed overview of how to use Make Beliefs Comix.