Monday, December 31, 2018

These Chrome Extensions Show Vocabulary Words When You Open New Tabs

Opening a new Chrome tab so that you can check Facebook for "just a minute" is a dangerous game. If it's not Facebook it could be any number of equally time-sucking sites like Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube. In the past I've suggested using Recall Study Time to see a reminder whenever a new Chrome tab is opened. That extension just shows you a reminder to get back on task. Another option is to try one of the following extensions that show you a vocabulary word or review question whenever a new Chrome tab is opened.

New Tab Quizlet is a Chrome extension that will display a flashcard from your Quizlet sets whenever you open a new tab. If you have questions on your cards, you'll see the question and answer. If you have vocabulary words on your cards, you'll see the word and definition.

FlashTabs is a Chrome extension that will show you one of your flashcards whenever you open a new tab. FlashTabs does require that you create your flashcards on their site. When you open a new tab you will see one of the flashcard questions. The answer is only revealed when you choose to see it. FlashTabs is probably a better choice for those who don't have Quizlet accounts.

The Ten Most Watched Ed Tech Tutorial Videos of 2018

More than 13,000 of you are now subscribed to my YouTube channel. These were the ten most watched videos on my YouTube channel in 2018. Interestingly, despite publishing more than 100 new videos in 2018, nine of the ten most-watched videos of the year were made in 2017 or earlier.

How to Add Your Voice to Google Slides this video was originally published in 2017.

How to Use Padlet. (originally published in 2013, the updated version is embedded below).

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How to Use Flipgrid - See Updated Guide Here

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Quick Tips for Changing the Layout of Your Google Drive

Sometimes a small change to the user interface of a web tool can make a huge difference in how quickly you use that tool. Case in point, the grid or "material" view in Google Drive drives me crazy. I much prefer a list of folders and files to a grid display of those same folders and files. Other people love the grid view and hate the linear view. Similarly, some people like desktop reminders while I can't stand the distraction. Fortunately, Google makes it easy to modify the layout and features of your Google Drive dashboard.

In the following video I demonstrate how you can change the layout of your Google Drive dashboard.

Learn more about Google Drive and G Suite in my online course, Getting Going With G Suite