Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A New Way to Add Drawings to Google Docs

It's the first full week of the year and Google has already added new features to G Suite for Education. Yesterday, Google's G Suite Updates Blog carried the announcement that we'll soon have a new way to add drawings to Google Documents.

Google Docs has long given you the option to launch a new drawing screen from the Insert menu in Docs. Now in Docs you will also be able to insert an existing drawing from their Google Drive accounts. This means that instead of having to create a drawing from scratch in your Document, you can use on that you have created directly in Google Drawings.

Applications for Education
Creating mind maps is one of the many things that students can do with Google Drawings. The new Drawings insert option in Docs will make it easier than ever for students to add their mind maps to Documents.

Watch this video to learn how to make a mind map in Google Drawings. And watch this video for a handful of other uses for Google Drawings.

The new "insert drawing" option in Google Docs will be appearing over the next couple of weeks.