Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Taskade - A Feature-packed Task Management Tool

Taskade is a task management tool for individuals and teams. Like many task management tools you can create lists, share those lists, and check-off items when they're completed. You can do that with Google Keep, OneNote, and a host of other task management tools. What makes Taskade different is the list of additional features that can be utilized in the app and on the Taskade website.

When you create a list in Taskade you can set a deadline for each item within the list. Files can be attached to each item in the list. And you can write comments on each item in the list. If you invite others to view a list, they can comment on list items too.

Taskade users who are working in teams might enjoy the options to be notified whenever a team member updates a list. There is also an integrated text, voice, and video chat that you can use to communicate with team members about list items.

Applications for Education
Taskade is in a crowded market that is dominated by some legacy companies. That said, if you're not married to the Google, Microsoft, or Apple ecosystems or you are looking for a different service for keeping track of tasks, Taskade does offer a nice product. It might have too many features for younger students, but older students who are working on long-term team projects could certainly benefit from using a tool like Taskade to manage completion of those projects.