Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Google Slides Now Has Native Support for Audio! Finally!

For years Google Slides users have wanted to be able to add audio to their slides. There have been Chrome extensions that would do it and there are some other hacks that do work, but they always felt like trying to play a cassette tape on CD player. Finally, Google has listened to users and is adding native support for audio to Google Slides.

As was announced by Google earlier today, beginning this month Google Slides will support audio files. The catch is that your audio file will have to be stored in your Google Drive account before you can insert it into a slide. But once that is done you'll be able to re-use the audio file in as many presentations as you want by simply going to the "Insert" drop-down menu then selecting "Audio."

Once you have an audio file added to a slide in a Google Slides presentation you have control over the timing of the audio playback, looping, and location of the audio icon on your slide. You can even hide the audio icon on your slide and still have the audio play as soon as you transition onto a slide.

The new option to add audio to your Google Slides is starting to roll-out now to G Suite users who are on the "rapid release" track. Other users may have to wait until April 18th or later to see the new option to add audio to their slides.