Thursday, April 4, 2019

Webinar Next Tuesday - Introduction to AR & VR in Your Classroom

Next Tuesday at 4pm ET I'm hosting a Practical Ed Tech webinar designed to introduce you to how to use some augmented reality and virtual reality tools in your classroom. The webinar, Introduction to AR & VR in Your Classroom, will show you how to use tools including Google Expeditions, VR Tour Creator, Metaverse, Merge Cube, and a few other easy-to-access AR and VR tools.

You should join this webinar if:
  • You’ve heard about VR and AR but you’re not sure which is which.
  • You want to find new ways to engage your students in learning about science, social studies, art, math, or language arts.
  • You want clear guidance on how to start using VR or AR in your classroom.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The difference between VR and AR.
  • Research-based applications of VR and AR in education.
  • The material requirements for using virtual and augmented reality.
  • How to make augmented reality experiences.
  • Where to find and how to make virtual reality experiences.

Sales of Practical Ed Tech webinars along with my school-based consultation services are what provide the funding to keep Free Technology for Teachers running.