Saturday, October 26, 2019

Robocompass - A Robotic Geometry Box

Robocompass is described by its developer as robotic geometry box on 3D. Not being a math teacher and not having taken a math course since the Clinton administration, I wasn't exactly sure what "robotic geometry box" meant at first. So I gave it try and quickly realized that it is an online tool for graphing and drawing just like I did with a pencil and compass when I was in high school. But Robocompass is neater (no pencil smudges) and has a function for playing back the steps of creating a graph or chart.

Robocompass lets students save their work directly into their Google Drive accounts. Students who don't use Google Drive can share their work by providing a direct link to their work or by embedding it into a blog post or web page.

Applications for Education
Robocompass could be a good alternative to using paper and pencil because it does provide an easy way for students to save their work online and share it with you. You can play their work back to see the steps they took.

Disclosure: Robocompass is currently an advertiser on

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